What should be paid attention to when manufacturing peanut butter

peanut butter manufacturing

Peanut butter has a unique taste and extremely rich nutrition. In modern business, generally uses the peanut butter production line to make peanut butter. Commercial peanut butter production can obtain huge production output and quickly obtain a return on investment. So what is the production process of peanut butter? What should be paid attention to when producing peanut butter?

Manufacturing peanut butter production process

The peanut butter production line includes large and small peanut butter production lines. The complete peanut butter process includes roasting, cooling, peeling, grinding, homogenizing, and filling peanuts.

  1. Roasting: Peanut roasting is the most critical part of peanut butter manufacturing. It is related to whether the finished peanut butter has a strong fragrance. The peanut roaster is used to roast peanuts in the peanut butter production line. Its heating temperature is generally 160°C, and the baking time is 40-60 minutes. Bake until the peanut kernels have the same color inside and outside and no burnt.
  2. Cooling: The peanuts should be discharged quickly after roasting. Then you can place the roasted peanuts on the conveyor belt to cool.
  3. Peeling: After cooling the peanut kernels, use a peanut peeler to peel them to separate the peanut kernels and peanut skins. Then use the peeled peanuts to grind the butter.
  4. Grinding butter: You can add sugar or salt to the nut butter grinder according to the taste you need. And you can grind the peanuts into a fine and smooth peanut butter through multiple grinding.

  1. Homogenization: Homogenization is usually required when making liquid substances (such as milk, sauce, butter). The sheer force generated by the rapid stirring of the liquid substance through the homogenizer or the stirring tank breaks the fat. Finally, it will obtain a stable, homogeneous liquid phase product. The peanut butter production line generally needs a mixing tank to homogenize the peanut butter. In a mixing tank, heat the peanut butter to 60-70°C, add 2% monoglyceride and 1% to 5% soy protein powder, and mix well.
  2. Vacuum: In order to obtain a longer shelf life for peanut butter, it is necessary to vacuum peanut butter before filling. The large-scale peanut butter production line circulates the peanut butter in various machines through pipes, reducing the contact between peanut butter and air.
  3. Filling: Use a liquid filling machine to fill peanut butter and keep it sealed. Then, let it stand and freeze at a low temperature of about 0°C.

Precautions for making peanut butter

Selection of raw materials

It should select the peanuts with full grains, no mildew, and qualified quality inspection to making peanut butter.

Peanut roasting time and temperature control

It shoulds to control the baking time and temperature within a certain range. If the temperature is too high and the baking time is too long, it will occur the phenomenon of peanut burnt. The peanut roasting temperature is 140-160℃, and the time is 40-60 minutes.

Control of peanut butter taste

In the peanut butter production line, the taste of peanut butter achieves by adding various seasonings when grinding the butter. For different customers, their peanut butter taste requirements are different, and the seasoning is also different.

The fineness of peanut butter

The taste of peanut butter usually depends on the flavor of the condiment and the flavor of the peanut butter itself. The fineness of the sauce has a certain effect on the taste of peanut butter. The finer ground peanut butter has a smooth taste. The fineness of peanut butter can be controlled by the grinding times and the parameters of the peanut butter machine itself. If it gets a coarse taste for the first time, you can repeat the grinding several times with the peanut butter machine.

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