500kg Peanut Butter Production Line

peanut butter production line

The large peanut butter production line includes semi-automatic and automatic production lines. They both use automatic machines and the main difference is the roasting and cooling part. The output is 200kg/h-1000kg/h. Customers could make specific capacities according to their demands.

Semi-automatic peanut butter production Line

semi-automatic peanut butter processing plant flow chart
semi-automatic peanut butter processing plant flow chart

The semi-automatic peanut butter production line mainly consists of a roasting machine, conveyor belt, cooling belt, half-grain machine, selection belt, storage bin, refiner, storage tank, mixing tank, vacuum tube, storage tube, and other machines. The semi-automatic peanut processing plant meets the high-yield, automated production and filling requirements of large-scale peanut butter manufacturing plants.

products flow
products flow

Peanut roaster machine

cocoa bean roasting machine
  • Power:3.3KW
  • Capacity:300-500kg/h, 500-1000kg/h
  • Heating temperature:160-180℃
  • Size:3000*3300*1700
  • Voltage:380V
  • Electric heating power:45kw
  • Gas consumption:6-9kg
  • Weight:2000kg

This peanut roaster is a three-barrel, five-barrel, or more peanut roaster, it has three barrels, five barrels, or more to roast peanuts at the same time. The production output of each barrel is about 100kg/h. Therefore, the number of baking barrels can increase to upgrade production. After roasting, the machine automatically dumps the peanuts onto the conveyor belt before the roasting machine. The conveyor belt directly conveys the roasted peanuts to the cooling belt for cooling.

Cooling belt

cooling belt




The cooling belt is an inclined cooling belt, which can adjust the inclined arc to meet the requirements of machines of different heights. The cooling zone is mainly driven by a motor to drive a fan to cool the roasted peanuts. The distance between the two fans can customize, and the distance between the fan and the conveyor belt can adjust.

Peanut peeling machine

peanut peeling machine

Main engine power: 1.5KW
Fan power: 1.5KW
Output: 1000kg/h
Size: 1900x800x1350
Voltage: 380V
Frequency: 50HZ

A peanut half-grain machine is a professional machine for removing peanut skins. It can separate the peanuts into even halves, remove the peanut embryo while removing the red skin of peanuts. It has a high degree of automation, and its petal breaking rate is high, which is very suitable for the peanut peeling work in the automatic peanut butter processing machine.

The peeler has three rollers, which can be replaced one time every three years. And the peeling machine also has two layers of vibrating screen.

Picking line

picking line




The selection belt is especially for the selection of spoiled peanuts. The length and width of the machine can customize according to customer needs.


  • Power:0.75kw
  • Size:1000*500*3400mm
  • Weight:200kg

The hoist is a Z-shaped hoist. The roasted peanuts are selected and brought into the elevator. The peanuts enter the storage bin with the hoist. This elevator is widely used in large-scale food production lines. It can customize the length and width.

Storage Bin

  • Power:0.05kw
  • Size:1200*1200*3000mm
  • Weight:100kg

In a large-scale peanut butter production plant, it needs a storage bin to store a large amount of peanut raw materials. The storage bin can quantitatively transport peanuts out into the sauce grinder.

Combined peanut butter maker machine

peanut butter making machine
peanut butter making machine

Unlike the small peanut butter production line, this large peanut butter processing plant uses a combined peanut butter grinder to grind peanuts two times. According to the customer’s requirements for grinding fineness, we mainly have two grinding butter parts. Using this combined butter mill, it can grind peanuts twice. After grinding by a nut butter grinder, it can reach a finer fineness. The temperature of peanut butter made by the machine is between 80-85℃. And the hot butter needs to cool to 50-60℃ before filling into bottles.

After finishing the operation, the grinder could be cleaned with oil. The wearing part of the machine is the triangle belt, stator, and rotor. The output of the machine is 200kg/h.

Peanut butter storage tank

peanut butter storage tank



To facilitate the storage of peanut butter and subsequent process operations, we need a storage tank to store peanut butter. The storage capacity of this storage tank determines by the size of the machine. We have a variety of storage tanks with different capacities.

Mixing tank

mixing machine in peanut butter production line




The peanut butter in the storage tank enters the mixing tank directly through the pipeline. The stirring tank keeps stirring the peanut butter to maintain the fluidity of the peanut butter and cool the butter to an appropriate temperature. In the automatic peanut butter production line, the peanut butter enters each machine from the pipeline from the step of grinding peanuts. It minimizes the contact of peanut butter with air.

Vacuum tank

vacuum tank in peanut butter processing line




There is more or less air in the peanut butter in the mixing tank. Before packaging, the air in the peanut butter needs to be vacuumed with a vacuum tank. The vacuum tank will extract the air in the peanut butter to the maximum extent.

Storage tank

The peanut butter that has been vacuumed in the vacuum tank can be filled with a filling machine. The storage tank is mainly used to link the vacuum tank and the filling machine. It can be filled directly from the vacuum tank into the filling machine to avoid air pollution of the peanut butter before filling.

Commercial peanut butter processing plant test video

Automatic peanut butter production line

The automatic peanut butter processing line mainly consists of a conveyor belt tunnel oven, half-grain machine, selection belt, storage bin, refiner, storage tank, mixing tank, vacuum tube, storage tube, and other machines.

The automatic peanut butter processing line has basically the same production steps as the semi-automatic production line. The only difference is the roasting and cooling machine. There is a continuous chain plate oven with a cooling part.

automatic peanut butter plant
automatic peanut butter plant

Working process of continuous chain plate oven

The conveyor belt tunnel oven includes the roasting part and cooling part.

Workers put raw materials into the hopper, and there is an elevator that hoists the materials into the roasting oven.

After 20 minutes of roasting, the machine stops heating and peanuts will be conveyed into the cooling part.

After 10 minutes of cooling, peanuts will be discharged from the cooling part and get into the next peeling machine.

All the process is automatic and what workers need to do is pour raw materials, set temperature and time.

Working principle of conveyor belt tunnel oven

Roasting: through the work of the heating tube and heating machine, there will be heat circulation inside the baking oven. The large-scale baking oven applies for a chainplate as the conveyor belt. So peanuts could be roasted fully and have more good taste. Customers could also choose a mesh belt tunnel oven.

In the control panel, there will show the current temperature (PV) and the set temperature (SV).

Cooling: upper the cooling machine, there is a fan machine to form the natural wind.

Machine parameter

  • Heating temperature: 180-200℃
  • Material thickness: 5-6cm
  • Length: 8m (save space)
  • Output: 500kg (allow customized)
  • Heating method: electricity, gas

Advantages of the peanut butter production line

  • The full-automatic peanut butter production line has a high degree of automation. It can realize the whole process from peanut raw materials to peanut butter filling.
  • The machine of the production line has a reasonable design, compact structure, and beautiful appearance. All peanut butter making machines are made of food-grade materials.
  • The peanut butter processing machine has the characteristics of stable and reliable performance, high filling accuracy, strong adaptability, simple operation, and convenient maintenance.
  • All machine parts of the peanut butter processing plant adopt world-renowned brand electric components. They have the characteristics of low failure rate, stable performance, and long service life.
fully automatic peanut butter processing plant
fully automatic peanut butter processing plant
  • The production line has the characteristics of simple operation. All peanut butter making machines can controll through an electric control cabinet. The intelligent PLC control screen ensures easy operation.
  • The sealing equipment of the large-scale peanut butter processing plant uses silicone rubber. It has the functions of resistance to abrasion, high temperature, acid and alkali, and corrosion.
  • Taizy peanut butter machine manufacturer provides a variety of peanut butter filling machines. It is widely used in bottles and bags of various sizes. It has the functions of automatic quantification, automatic filling, and automatic adjustment of measurement errors.
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