Continuous Chain Plate Tunnel Oven with a cooling part

continuous chain plate tunnel oven

The continuous chain plate oven is a new type of multifunctional roasting (drying) machine for peanuts, grains, and nuts. It can be used in the peanut butter processing plant. Its advantage is a high degree of automation and automatic temperature adjustment. The heat source can be electric heating, gas heating, and other heating methods. The circulating fan is used to exchange heat to achieve strong airflow baking, improve baking efficiency, and improve baking quality. The rear section of the equipment is equipped with a cooling zone to realize the integrated production of roasting and cooling, and the equipment has a compact structure.

Working Principle of continuous chain plate tunnel oven

This continuous tunnel oven includes an elevator to hoist raw materials, a feeding hopper, a roasting part and a cooling part, an outlet. In the roasting part, for the work of the heating source, there will be heat circulation inside the tunnel oven. And the large-scale baking oven could apply electricity or gas as heating resources. With a chain plate conveyor belt, peanuts could be roasted fully and have more good taste in the machine. As for the cooling process, the oven reduces the temperature of materials with a fan machine to produce natural wind. So the final discharged peanuts could be ground into peanut butter directly.

structure picture
structure picture

Different Types of conveyor belt tunnel oven

For different requirements of customers, we could provide continuous roasting ovens of different outputs. There are 200kg, 300kg, 500kg, and 1000kg conveyor belt baking ovens.

Machine Parameters

Type200kg tunnel oven300kg tunnel ovenTY-500TZ-1000
Heating power46kw70kw130kw230kw
SizeHoist: 1.5m*0.8m*2.8m
Roasting oven: 6.9m*1.5m*2.6m
Hoist: 1.5m*0.8m*2.8m
Roasting oven: 7.5m*1.5m*2.6m
Hoist: 2.5m*0.7m*2.8m
Roasting oven: 8.5m*1.8m*2.6m
Hoist: 2.5m*0.7m*2.8m
Roasting oven: 11m*2.1m*2.6m

Material thickness: 50~60mm

Heating temperature: 180-200℃

Heating method: electricity, gas

Roasting time: 20 minutes

Cooling time: 10 minutes

Machine Pictures

continuous chain plate tunnel oven
200kg-300kg continuous chain plate oven
TY-500 conveyor belt baking oven
TY-500 conveyor belt baking oven
TZ-1000 continuous roasting oven
TZ-1000 continuous roasting oven


Peanuts, broad beans, coffee beans, melon seeds, nuts, etc.


Operation Video of peanut butter production line

Advantages of the peanut roasting tunnel oven

  • Energy-saving

This continuous chain plate tunnel oven connects the roasting part with the cooling part. There is no need to as an additional conveyor belt so it could save electricity.

  • Safety, sanitation, convenience

The roasted peanuts are extremely hot and it is dangerous to convey raw materials manually. The tunnel oven transports roasted materials into cooling, avoids dangers, and has convenience.

  • Easy operation

Since it is a totally automatic machine, the roasting and cooling time could be adjusted. So it is simple to learn operations.

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