How to choose a nut roasting machine?

nut roasting machine manufacturers

A nut roasting machine is an essential machine for nut roasting. However, there are many kinds of nut roaster machines on the market. For nut processors, it is undoubtedly difficult to choose a suitable machine from the numerous roasting machines. As a nut roasting machine manufacturer, the following introduces the types of roasting machines and how to choose a suitable nut roasting machine.

Types of nut roasting machines

Although there are various types of roaster machines on the market, they can be divided into three types according to the machine heating method. They are coal-heated roasting machines, electric and gas heating roasting machines and the latest electromagnetic heating roasting machines.

The coal heating roaster machine uses coal as the heating source. It mainly transfers the heat generated by heating coal to the drum for roasting nuts. The heat of the drum transfers to the nuts to toast the nuts. Coal-type roasting machines are suitable for those areas where electricity and gas are not convenient.

peanut roaster machine
peanut roaster machine

Electric and gas heating roasting machines are the most common kind of roasting machine. It uses our most common electricity and gas as the heating source. The electric heating nut roaster machine uses electricity to drive the heating tube to generate heat. The heat of the electric heating tube transfers to the barrel to roast nuts. The gas heating machine mainly uses gas and other heating methods to directly heat the barrel. This type of roasting machine is suitable for areas where electricity and gas are accessible.

cashew nut roaster
cashew nut roaster

The electromagnetic roasting machine is a machine newly developed and manufactured by Taizy nut roasting machine manufacturer. It heats the barrel directly by electromagnetic. The electromagnetic induction machines heat fast with high heat utilization efficiency. Therefore, it has the characteristics of high heating temperature and high heat utilization rate.

nut roasting machine
nut roasting machine

Features of nut roaster machine

  1. The three kinds of roasting machines have a very wide application range, which is widely used for roasting raw materials in food, medicine, and other industries.
  2. It is convenient to roasting with an intelligent control panel for electric and electromagnetic roasting machines.
  3. The latter two roaster machines adopt food machine materials, with beautiful appearance and meeting food processing requirements.
  4. The temperature of the roasting machine’s drum made by nut roasting machine manufacturers is adjustable and can keep the temperature in the inner drum constant.
  5. The nut roaster has a fast heating speed and can keep the temperature in the baking oven constant, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%.
  6. The electromagnetic baking machine directly heats the baking oven by electromagnetic. Its heat energy utilization efficiency is high, which is more than 45% energy-saving than traditional electric heating.
nut roasting machine manufacturer
nut roasting machine manufacturer

How to choose a nut roasting machine

As a professional nut roasting machine manufacturer, here introduce you to how to choose a suitable roasting machine to roast nuts. First of all, you should determine the best heating method in your area, which is the best choice for electricity, gas, or charcoal. Then select the machine corresponding to the heating method according to your heating method. Second, choose an output according to your budget. Nut roasting machines usually have a variety of models and output. It has different prices for different production volumes. Therefore, you can choose a machine with the right output according to your budget. At the same time, you can also comprehensively investigate the quality of a nut roasting machine from various factors. Such as energy consumption, heating speed, and ease of operation of the nut machine.

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