Fresh green walnut peeling and cleaning machine

green walnut peeling machine

Green walnut peeling machine is also called walnut peeling and cleaning integrated machine, it is mainly used for peeling fresh walnut green skin. This walnut peeler machine is a device developed to solve the difficulty of peeling green walnuts. The green walnut peeling machine can realize the peeling and cleaning of fresh walnuts at one time. It has the characteristics of compact structure, easy operation, and a high removal rate.

The development tendency of green walnut peeling machine

The freshly picked green walnuts have a seed coat on the outside, which contains ingredients such as bitter and astringent pigments. In order to obtain walnuts with better product quality, the green skin on the outside needs to be removed. If the process by manual peeling, the efficiency is low, and the surface of the spacer may become yellow and astringent. Therefore, gradually, not only households but also walnut processing factories and other commercial activities gradually purchase fresh walnut peeler machines to peel them. By the way, do you need a walnut cracking machine to separate the hard walnut shells? If so, we also provide a high-quality pecan shelling machine.

fresh walnut peeling machine
fresh walnut peeling machine

Green walnut peeler machine parameters

TZ-600753001.5  (220V)1350*660*1230
TZ-800854001.5  (220V)1550*660*1260
TZ-10009510002.2  (220V)1500*510*1320
TZ-200015021003   (380V)2100*800*1550

Working principle of our machine

The green walnut peeling machine uses a rotary cutter to peel walnut. When the walnut enters the rotary cutting hob area, the high-speed rotating hob starts to peel the green walnut skin. Because the walnut is constantly rolling, the hob can touch all sides of the walnut and peel it. Peeled walnuts are not easy to cut by a hob due to their small diameter. The peeled walnuts are pushed to the outlet by the newly poured walnuts to be discharged. While peeling the walnuts, the brush in the machine cleans the walnuts with water. The peeler machine can also adjust the distance between the grid bar and the hob to accommodate different size walnuts. This can increase the removal rate and reduce the breakage rate.

Precautions when using green walnut peeling machine

  • When using our equipment, the freshly picked green walnuts should be sprayed with ripening agent, and then leave it for 3-5 days before processing.
  •  Connect the water pipe to the water inlet pipe at the rear of the machine, the water will flow out after turning on the machine. Note that you should put walnuts in slowly and do not put too much at one time.
  • The spring of our machine may loosen after a period of use. Therefore, you should tighten two nuts at the top of the spring regularly to ensure the normal use of the machine.
  • You should replace the lubricating oil in the reducer when using the machine next year.

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