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sacha inchi,moringa seed hulling machine

The sacha inchi hulling machine can remove the two outer shells of the incha fruit. According to the different outputs, there are two kinds of Sacha inchi shelling machines. One is the small inchi husking machine, and the other is the automatic sacha inchi shelling machine which is suitable for big nut processing plants. The automatic seed shelling machine is also suitable for the dehulling of sunflower seeds and moringa seeds.

Brief introduction of sacha inchi

Sacha inchi is also known as Plukenetia Volubilis, star oil vine, and Inchi peanut. It is a plant distributed in Peru, Ecuador, northwestern Brazil, and Venezuela. Inchi fruit is rich in nutrients, it is a main source of holoprotein. Protein powder made from inchi fruit can be added to foods such as cakes and snacks to be processed into high-protein foods. One of the most important uses of inchi fruit is to process it into inchi fruit oil. Inchi fruit oil has a strong antioxidant capacity and the ability to scavenge free radicals. Therefore, it can be widely used in cosmetics industries such as cleansers, creams, and eye creams. The sacha inchi hulling machine is the first procedure for processing inchi fruit, and the peeled inchi fruit can be used for oil extraction.

Small sacha inchi hulling machine

small inchi seed shelling machine
small inchi seed shelling machine

The inchi shelling machine consists of a feeding hopper, a shelling machine, an electric cabinet, etc. When shelling, pour the inchi fruit into the machine from the feed port. The shelling host takes off its hard shell by centrifugal force. The removed hard shell is attracted to the outlet beside the machine under the action of the fan. The Inca nuts fell out from the exit. The seed sheller machine can perform secondary shelling. Use a classifier for screening before dehulling, and the dehulling rate is higher.

Parameters of Sacha inchi husking machine

Shelling rate>98%
Complete rate>98%
Weight 180kg

Automatic seed shelling machine

automatic seed shelling machine
automatic seed shelling machine

The seed shelling machine mainly composes of a hopper, hoist, shelling host, return system, multiple selection system, receiving hopper, and other components. The fully automatic nut shelling machine is mainly used in the grading, shelling, and cleaning of sunflower seeds, moringa seeds, and other raw materials.

Sacha Inchi hulling machine features:

  1. The whole set sunflower seed sheller machine can realize automatic operation from feeding, shelling and grading.
  2. Its feeding system realizes the secondary shelling of the unpeeled Inca fruit, so a higher shelling rate can be obtained.
  3. It can realize the ideal sorting effect by adjusting the inclination angle of the grading screen.
  4. The moringa seed shelling machine can realize the automatic collection of inca fruit shells to ensure a clean working environment.
  5. This shelling machine adopts all-steel chips, which can improve the shelling rate and the service life of the blade.
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