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almond shelling hulling machine

The almond hulling machine is a device specially used for nut shelling. It is mainly used for hulling almonds, Badam, hazelnuts, palm nuts, and other nuts. The almond hulling machine has a compact structure, simple operation, and stable performance.

Moreover, it can adjust the gap, so it is suitable for cracking different-sized almonds. If you want to get almond slices, then you need to use this machine.

Almond hulling machine video

Machine parameters

almond sheller

The output of this almond sheller machine is 400kg/h. You can use it not only to shell almonds but also hazelnuts, bananas, and other nuts.

almond sheller
almond sheller

Almond cracker machine working principle

The components of the almond cracking machine include a feeding hopper, a roller, a vibrating screen, and a motor. When working, first put the almonds in from the inlet, and the almonds will fall from the inlet. The rollers under the feeding port contact and squeeze the nuts, and the almonds are broken under the action of the rollers.

The almond shells and kernels fall on the screen. The vibrating screen is constantly vibrating under the drive of the motor. Therefore, the almond shells and kernels continue moving to the exit. The vibrating screen of the apricot kernel shelling machine is divided into two or even three layers. So different sizes of almonds are separated.

Note: After shelling, the almond shells and kernels are together. Therefore, we need a shell and kernel separator to separate the shells and kernels.

almond shelling machine
almond shelling machine

Features of the almond shelling machine

  1. The almond sheller has a stable structure, simple operation, and low investment;
  2. It is also suitable for cracking hazelnut, Badam, and palm nuts, and has a high output;
  3. The almond cracker machine has extremely high cracking efficiency, and the cracking rate can reach 99%;
  4. The almond hulling machine is very popular in the world. We not only sell it for personal use but also sell the apricot kernel shelling machine to distributors, food processing plants, cake shops, etc;
  5. This almond hulling machine has a long service life, and the roller has a high degree of wear resistance;
  6. If you want to improve production efficiency, you can use it with a grading machine and a shell and kernel separator.
almond hulling machine shipment picture-2
almond hulling machine shipment picture-2
shipment picture-1
shipment picture-1

FAQ of almond cracker machine

Can the machine voltage be changed?

Yes, we will change the voltage of the nut-cracking machine according to customer requirements.

Do you have the machine instructions?

Yes, we will send you after you place an order.

Do you have a video for my raw material?

Yes, we will take trial videos for you according to the different raw materials of customers.

How long is the warranty period of the machine?

One year

Are there any vulnerable parts in the almond sheller?


Can I customize the color of the machine?

Yes, we can customize different colors according to the customer’s requirements.

How to adjust the roller that controls the size of almonds?

There are two rollers on the machine that can be adjusted. The specific adjustment method is in the manual.

Can you send me the internal and external pictures, videos, and packaging drawings of the machine before delivery?

Yes, we can send you.

How long is the delivery time?


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