How does almond shelling machine work

The small almond shelling machine has a wide application. It applies for shelling almonds, palm, almonds, hazelnuts, and other nuts. The almond shelling machine’s cracking rate and production efficiency are extremely high. The sheller machine can be widely used in farms, restaurants, bakeries, food processing plants, and other places.

During communicating with many new customers, they are curious how this almond sheller machine works. Below I will introduce you about the working principle of this machine.

The working principle of a small almond shelling machine

The shelling part of the almond sheller is two pairs of rollers. When cracking, almonds, palm and other raw materials enter from the inlet. The pair of rollers on the machine contact the almonds, and it shell almonds under the squeezing of the two pairs of rollers. Then the cracked almonds fall on the vibrating screen of the almond cracker machine, and fall to the exit along with the vibration of the motor.

Why the almond sheller can handle various different size nuts

The almond sheller machine’s pairs of rollers can be adjustable. Therefore, if your raw materials have a large difference in size, you can use a grading machine to classify the raw materials first. Then adjust the distance between the rollers to make it the same size as the nuts. This can improve the efficiency of hulling. The rollers of this almond peeler are hard material, suitable for processing nuts such as almonds. So it is also suitable for cracking palm, hazelnut, and other nuts.

We not only provide small almond shelling machines, but also large almond shelling and separation machines for nut processing plants. This machine is one of the best-selling products in our factory, and now this almond shelling machine is for sale. For this almond hulling machine, our production cycle is 5-10 days. If you need almond processing equipment, please contact us.

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