Could you identify cocoa powder,cocoa butter and cocoa mass?

cocoa mass,cocoa butter,cocoa powder

In the chocolate ingredient list, we can often see cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder. In fact, these three raw materials can be obtained in the cocoa powder processing. How are these three products made and what are their differences?

cocoa powder processing steps

  • Cracking   The cocoa pod separation machine can easily break the cocoa pods without destroying the cocoa beans
  • Cocoa shell spikelet separating  This machine is used to separate cocoa beans and cocoa pod shells
  • Cocoa beans drying   The dryer is used to dry and kill the bacteria on the surface of the cocoa beans, and make the cocoa beans brown.
  • Cocoa beans roasting  The skin of the cocoa beans after roasting is easier to fall off and maintain a smooth taste
  • Cocoa beans peeling  The cocoa bean peeling machine adopts the method of peeling and kneading, and the fan absorbs the skin into the collection bag. The wind force and peeling gap can be adjusted.
  • Cocoa paste grinding  The colloid mill grinds solid cocoa beans into fluid cocoa paste.
  • Cocoa butter pressing  The oil press squeezes the fat contained in the cocoa liquor to form cocoa presscake and cocoa butter
  • Cocoa cake broken   The cocoa presscake obtained in the previous step is broken into fine particles by a crusher
  • Cocoa powder grinding  The cocoa powder grinder can replace the screen with different fineness to make cocoa powder of different fineness

Through the above cocoa powder processing plant, we know that cocoa beans can be processed sequentially to obtain cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Cocoa mass

The cocoa liquor is a liquid substance obtained by grinding cocoa beans through a colloid mill. The cocoa mass has fluid properties in a warm state and solidifies into a mass after cooling.

Cocoa butter

cocoa butter
cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is a substance obtained by squeezing cocoa liquor through a press. At the same time, cocoa liquor can be pressed to obtain cocoa cake.

It is a cream-yellow plant material that is hard and crumbly at room temperature. Cocoa butter melts quickly in the mouth without any greasy feeling. Therefore, it is an ideal special grease for making chocolate.

Cocoa powder

cocoa powder
cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is a powdery substance obtained by squeezing and crushing cocoa liquid. Cocoa powder has the characteristics of fine powder, pure fragrance and no impurities. In addition, cocoa powder contains a variety of nutrients required by the human body, so cocoa powder has a great use for human health.

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