What Equipment is Required for Making Chocolate Powder?

chocolate power

Cocoa powder is a nutritious food with a rich cocoa aroma. It contains not only high-calorie fat but also rich protein and carbohydrate. Cocoa powder also contains a certain amount of alkaloids, theobromine, and caffeine. These ingredients have the function of expanding blood vessels and promoting human blood circulation. Eating cocoa products is good for human health. Therefore, If we want to get cocoa powder, we must use the chocolate processing machine.

cocoa power made by chocolate processing machine
cocoa power made by the chocolate processing machine

Main processes of cocoa powder processing

Cocoa powder mainly refers to the broken cocoa beans obtained from the cocoa pods from the cocoa tree through fermentation, baking, rough crushing, peeling and other processes. Then it is processed into cocoa liquid. Cocoa powder is the brownish-red powder obtained by crushing and sieving the cocoa cake retained after the cocoa butter is pressed and degreased. Cocoa powder is widely used, such as in cakes and cakes.

The complete process of cocoa powder processing

Firstly, the cocoa beans are sent to the cocoa bean roasting machine for baking. The roasted and cooled cocoa beans enter the cocoa bean peeling machine. The raw materials are obtained after peeling. Next, enter the cocoa colloid mill for paste grinding. After processing, it is cocoa butter. Then the cocoa butter is put into the degreasing equipment to form the cocoa butter. The degreased raw materials include cocoa cake. The cocoa cake is formed into cocoa powder after passing through the cocoa bean grinder.

chocolate power making machine
chocolate power making machine


The above is the central processing flow of cocoa powder. These devices are also used to make chocolate. Therefore, they are also chocolate processing machine. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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