Cocoa liquor VS Cocoa butter

cocoa paste
cocoa liquor cocoa butter
cocoa liquor cocoa butter

Cocoa Liquor

The cocoa liquor is dark brown with a strong aromatic smell and bitter taste. It uses cocoa beans as raw materials. The cocoa beans are cleaned, sieved, roasted, shelled, and finely ground into cocoa mass, which is a type of flowing viscous liquid. After cooling, it becomes a block and call cocoa liquor.

cocoa paste

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is an important indicator to distinguish the purity of chocolate. It is a fat naturally produce in cocoa beans and a very unique natural vegetable fat. It is amber in the liquid state and light yellow in the solid-state. Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature below 27°C. It begins to melt when it is close to the body temperature of 35°C. To obtain high-quality cocoa butter, physical pressing is to ensure the purity and naturalness of cocoa butter. It has only a slight chocolate taste and aroma, which is one of the materials for making real chocolate.

The candy sheet, commonly called white chocolate, is made from cocoa butter. The melting point of cocoa butter is about 34-38°C, so chocolate is solid at room temperature and melts quickly in the mouth. Cocoa butter is mainly to make chocolates in pastries, which are thicker and drier chocolate products. Adding an appropriate amount of cocoa butter to chocolate with a lower cocoa butter content can increase the consistency of the chocolate, enhance the brightening effect of the chocolate after soaking and demoulding, and make its texture fine. The glycerides in cocoa butter coexist in multiple types, resulting in the formation of polycrystalline characteristics. The melting point of cocoa butter depends on its crystal form. The tempering process in the chocolate processing process is the process of forming a stable cocoa butter crystal structure when the cocoa butter gets cold.

cocoa butter

The difference between cocoa liquor and cocoa butter

  • Form

Cocoa liquor is a flowing viscous liquid when it is warm, and it solidifies into lumps after cooling, which is cocoa liquor. Cocoa butter is the fat in cocoa beans, a natural vegetable oil.

  • Color

Cocoa liquor is dark brown, cocoa butter is amber when it is liquid, and light yellow when it is solid.

  • role

Cocoa liquor is an important raw material for the production of chocolate. Cocoa butter and cocoa cake can obtain from pressing cocoa liquor. The cocoa cake is brown-red and has a strong natural cocoa aroma. It is a necessary raw material for processing various cocoa powder and chocolate beverages. Cocoa butter gives the chocolate a rich and mellow taste and a deep and attractive luster and gives the chocolate unique smoothness and melt-in-mouth characteristics.

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