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Flour Coated Peanut Making Machine

Flour coated peanut making machine is mainly suitable for making peanuts, cashew nuts, tablets of sugar, and other coated nuts. It has multiple types, can process large-scale peanuts, equipped with a spray gun device. The coated peanuts produced by this machine have a uniform thickness, bright color, and no pitting. This machine is automatic, easy to operate, and has high efficiency.

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Introduction of coated peanut making machine

machine structure
machine structure

The machine consists of a sugar pot, heating device, motor equipment, air compressor, liquid spray device, and other main parts. In order to spread the flour evenly on the surface of the peanuts, workers need to add coating liquid and glutinous rice flour manually several times. By rotating the pot clockwise, the nuts are rolled in the pot, so that they can be coated fully. At the same time, hot air is blown into the pot to remove surface water. Finally, qualified sugar-coated peanuts are obtained.

The sugar pot has a tilting angle of 45 degrees and customers could make a specific angle of what they need. And the syrup spray device has different types and customers could choose to match with their output. The heating device, such as a gas stove can be placed under the sugar pan. This machine can match with a frequency converter and dust removal system.

This coated peanut making machine can match with other machines to use in the peanut coating production line or be used as a single machine.

Liquid spray device

syrup spray device3
  • Tank volume: 50L
  • Size: 1*0.6*0.6m
  • Power: 380V, 50HZ
  • Constant current pump power: 60w
  • Electric heating power: 2.5kw
  • Amount of auxiliary material ejected: 0.2L/min
  • Compressed air consumption: 270L/min
  • Compressed air pressure: 0.3-0.6Mpa

This machine is the auxiliary machine of the peanut coating machine. It can make the compressed tablets, pills, and granules evenly coated. And the automatic spraying reduces labor intensity.

syrup spray device
  • Tank volume: 100L
  • Size: 1.4*0.6*1.5m
  • Power: 380V, 50HZ
  • Constant current pump power: 120w
  • Electric heating power: 9kw
  • Motor power: 1.1kw
  • Amount of auxiliary material ejected: 0.3L/min
  • Compressed air consumption: 270L/min
  • Compressed air pressure: 0.3-0.6Mpa

The machine is equipped with adjustable speed pneumatic stirring, liquid temperature adjustable and controllable, and flow rate adjustable. Pneumatic stirring adopts a needle valve to adjust the airflow to adjust the stirring speed. The delivery pump adopts a constant flow pump, and the delivery tube is a silicone tube, which conforms to the GMP standard. The spraying liquid adopts the imported high atomization spray gun, and the spraying uniform spraying range is adjustable. The lower part of the whole machine is equipped with casters, which are convenient to move.

Technical Parameter of sugar coated peanut burger machine

Small peanut coating machine

Rotating speed(r/min)463535
Pan inclination(degrees)15-4515-4515-45
Main motor power(KW)0.370.370.55
Electric heating power(w)3006001000

Large sugar coated peanut pan

Fixed speed(r/min)28282520
Speed adjustment range(r/min)8-328-3210-2810-22
Main motor power(KW)
Blower power(W)180180370550
Heating wire power(W)2000300030004500
Dimensions(mm)925x900x14001100x1100x1500 1200x1250x16301650x1500x1800

Highlights of flour coated peanut making machine

  1. This machine is used in the food industries for the coating of peanuts, cashew nuts, and others. Or in the pharmaceutical industry for sugar-coated tablets and pills.
  2. The tilting angle is stable. If no angle and heating-specific standard, the angle usually is 45 degrees.
  3. Heating equipment such as an electric furnace and gas can be placed under the pot. A separate electric blower is attached if you need it, and the temperature can be adjusted.
  4. The air duct can be heated or blown into the pot, and the heat can be adjusted.
final products
final products

Preparation and Maintainance

  • Each part of the machine must be carefully checked whether some parts are loose before operation.
  • Clean the inside and outside of the sugar pot.
  • Start the main motor, and let the machine idle run for 2 minutes, in order to judge whether trouble-free.
  1. The lubricating oil in the reduction box and the lubricating grease in the rolling bearing cavity should be replaced regularly.
  2. If the sugar coating pan is not used for a long time, it should be scrubbed clean. The surface of the pan should be oiled to prevent the copper material from being oxidized or damp to produce toxic copper compounds.
  3. In order to ensure the lubrication conditions of the worm gear transmission in the reduction box, the temperature rise of the box body during operation must not exceed 50°C.
  4. The oil-proof sealing ring should be regularly checked and replaced (generally no more than six months).
  5. Do not remove electrical appliances and belt guards at will.

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