Peanut coating machine price in Nigeria

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Peanut making business is popular in Nigeria and coated peanut making machine is one key machine in the peanut processing plant. For customers who want to start a peanut business, apart from learning about the peanut coating production line, they may need to know something about the price of peanut coating machines in Nigeria.

Information of flour coated peanut making machine

Main motor power(KW)0.371.55.5
Rotating speed(r/min)462820
coated peanut burger making machine parameter

The peanut coating machine can process about 200kg of raw materials in one hour. And there are many models for customer choice. You can also make machines of the capacity that you need. About recipes of coated peanut, we can equip with a liquid spray device so customers could modulate coating liquid according to the demand, like sweet, salty, spicy.

Factors to consider the cost of purchasing a peanut coating machine

A coated peanut making machine consists of a sugar pot, heating device, motor equipment, air compressor, liquid spray device, and other main parts. So in fact, when a customer decides to buy a peanut coating machine, there are more than one element to think about the price of this machine.

Capacity of peanut coating machine

Since the machine could process 50kg-200kg peanuts every hour, customers need to decide the business output and then buy the respective machine. So they will not buy the Inappropriate machine. And for new business, it’s better to buy a large output plant because it is convenient for customers to expand production output later.

Machine model

From the machine parameter that I listed before, they are some machine models that you can choose. The list includes diameter, capacity, rotating speed, motor powder, and other factors. And for the post limitation, I have not listed out all machine types. Customers may have detailed information in the Flour Coated Peanut Making Machine. Some people may need to learn about the heating power, speed, and others. These could provide a reference.

Flour coated peanut production line

The peanut coating production line also includes roasting, coating, flavoring, cooling, and other machines. For customers who start a new peanut processing plant, he also needs to learn the details of other machines.

Matching machines

The machine can match with a liquid spray device, air compressor, heating device. Customers could decide what parts they need. And the syrup spray device has two types, one with a volume of 50L, and the other with 100L. Some customers have a heating device, so they do not need this matching machine.

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