What is the commercial screw oil press machine price?

screw peanut oil press machine

The emergence of the screw oil press machine makes oil pressing more convenient and efficient. It is no longer confined to the monopoly of large-scale oil extraction plants that only mastered oil extraction technology in the past. The commercial screw presses allow individuals and small businesses to also have the qualifications to press oil. The automatic screw oil press machine is suitable for pressing most raw materials. And its output range is huge with the simple operation. So how to operate the oil press to press oil? What is the price of a commercial screw oil press machine?

How to press oil with screw oil press equipment

automtic screw oil press machine

The oil pressing part of the screw press is a screw inside the machine. After the squeezed raw material enters the machine through the inlet, the screw continuously rotates to squeeze the material forward. Under the action of screw and material extrusion, material and screw generate friction and a lot of heat. The heat generated destroys the structure of the oil, making the oil contained in the oil squeeze out.

Factors affecting the screw oil press machine price

The cost of the screw press is closely related to the machine output, the related machine choice, and the number of the spare part.

  • Capacity

The screw oil press machine has small and large models, and it has a variety of output range options. It has a variety of output such as 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h and so on. Therefore, different capacity oil press machine has different prices.

  • Related machines choice

According to customers’ needs for hot-pressed raw materials, such as peanuts, sesame, and other raw materials, we also provide roasters. And for a large screw oil extraction machine, it is necessary to match with a hoist for conveying materials. Therefore, the choice of these accessories will also affect the price of the screw press.

  • Spare parts number

The wearing part of the screw oil press machine is a screw. In order to ensure that the machine can run for a long time, many customers usually choose to buy some wearing parts. The number of spare parts is also a factor that affects the final price.

How to increase the oil pressing rate

When buying a machine, many customers will wonder how to increase the machine’s oil extraction rate. The improvement of the oil extraction rate is closely related to the familiarity with the characteristics of the raw materials and the operation of the oil press.

  • Control the moisture content of raw materials

For raw materials that need hot pressing, the temperature and time of baking should be controlled to ensure their moisture content. Generally speaking, the raw machine with 8-12 water after roasting will get a high oil yield.

  • Control the speed of feeding

Controlling the feed rate can increase the pressure of the oil in the press chamber to increase the oil yield.

  • Adjust the discharge cake speed of the oil press

The thickness of the oil cake can most intuitively indicate the pressure in the press chamber. The greater the pressure in the press chamber, the smaller the thickness of the pressed oil cake.

  • Adjust the oil pressing temperature

The proper pressing temperature will reduce the viscosity of vegetable oil and increase the oil yield. The automatic screw oil press machine can automatically control the temperature of the oil pressing through the temperature controller of the control panel.

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