How Does the Seller Make Delicious Nuts?

application of peanut peeler

With the increasing demand for health and nutrition, the variety of nut snacks has also increased. Because snack processors hope to create nut food with a unique taste. What are the ways for brands to make and process delicious nuts?

Baked nuts

Dry baking involves hot air processing, which some snack processors use to reduce the oil content. The nut roaster machine can stir evenly to avoid the nut surface burning. This will make the nuts taste delicious. Large batches are usually baked in large nut ovens. At the same time, many manufacturers also use large-scale nut roaster machine to bake nuts. Some types of rotary dryers are designed to expose each product to air forced by blowers, thereby convection the product. This allows the product to be baked and dried more evenly.

nut roaster machine
nut roaster machine

Seasoning and coated nuts

Coating nuts is a way to make unique nuts. The products made by the nut coating machine can be positioned as high-quality snacks. Flavored nuts allow snack processors to add sweet or salty flavorings to traditional nut products. This makes coated nuts have a variety of flavors.

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