Cashew Nut Shelling Machine price in Mozambique

cashew nut shelling machine in Mozampique

Mozambique, known as the “hometown of cashew nuts”, not only produces a large number of cashew nuts but also produces very high-quality cashew nuts. For the great production of cashew nuts in this country, many cashew nut shelling machines are also sold there. So what is the price of a cashew nut cracking machine in Mozambique?

Cashew nut in Mozambique

Mozambique is the place with the largest cashew nut production in the world. Every year, cashew nuts produced in Mozambique can account for half of the world’s total output, and cashew nuts have also become an important economic pillar industry in Mozambique.

Unlike most hot and dry African countries, Mozambique has a mild climate, fewer floods and droughts, abundant sunlight, and stable temperature, which are most suitable for the growth of cashew trees. Cashew nuts bring considerable wealth to Mozambicans, and Mozambique has become the “hometown of cashew nuts.”

finished products of cashew nut cracker
finished products of cashew nut shelling machine

Cashew nut shelling machine in Mozambique introduction

We provide automatic cashew nut sheller machines with 6 knives, 8 knives, 12 knives, and other capacities. Cashew nuts need to be graded and then put into a shelling machine so that the machine could reach the best cracking effect.

cashew nut shelling machine price in Mozampique
cashew nut shelling machine price in Mozambique

This machine has a high shelling rate and whole kernel rate.
It has a fully automatic operation and causes less harm to operating workers.
The blades are easy to replace.
We would provide guidance services about installing, operating, and maintaining.


Our cashew nut processing machines have been sold to India, Africa, and other cashew nut production countries and areas. And we could also supply tailor-made service about cashew nut processing plant. If you are interested in the cashew nut shelling machine, leave a comment about your requirements. Or click the “contact us” and send us messages.

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