What are the steps for drying cashew nuts?

dried cashew nuts

The purpose of drying cashew nuts is generally used for drying cashew kernels or convenient to shell cashew nuts. It needs a commercial cashew dryer for drying large batches of cashew nuts. The cashew nut dryer supplied by cashew nut dryer machine suppliers can use medium temperature similar to the natural wind to dry cashew nuts. And the nutrients of cashew nuts after drying will not be lost. So what are the steps for drying cashew nuts? How to use a dryer to dry cashew nuts?

The efficacy and nutritional value of cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are known as one of the four major nuts. They are rich in protein and have a high oil content. Cashew nuts have a wide range of applications for the whole body. Its shell liquid can produce synthetic rubber for the protective coating of the space shuttle. Cashew nuts can be eaten directly as a snack. Moreover, they can also be eaten with other dishes.

cashew nuts
cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are rich in protein and trace elements, which have the functions of protecting blood vessels, delaying aging, and improving resistance.

Cashew nut dryer choice

As a cashew nut dryer machine supplier, we provide three types of cashew nut dryers.

One is a tray dryer, which consists of a drying room and a small cart carrying a cashew tray.

tray cashew nut drying machine
tray cashew nut drying machine

One is the box dryer, which is an upgraded version of the tray dryer.

hot air box cashew nut dryer
hot air box cashew nut dryer

The other is a continuous mesh belt cashew dryer.

industrial cashew nut dehydrator
industrial cashew nut dehydrator

All three dryers use hot air to circulate the cashew nuts inside the dryer. There is a big difference in their production output. And the size of the box and mesh belt dryers can be customized according to the size of the customer’s use site. The use of a hot air circulation dryer has the characteristics of energy saving and emission reduction. And it can use electricity, gas, wood, and other combustibles as heating sources.

cashew nut drying process

It pass through three steps for drying cashew nuts.They are warehousing and dehumidification, constant temperature baking, and cooling and drying.

The first stage is shortly after the cashew nuts enter the dryer. First, the cashew nut is dehumidified to disperse and lose the water on the surface of the cashew nutshell. After discharging the moisture contained on the surface of the cashew nut, it can carry out the second stage. That is constant temperature baking.

This constant temperature can be set within a certain range. Once the baking temperature sets within this range, the machine will automatically adjust according to the temperature change in the drying room.

The third stage is a period of drying and cooling. In the last stage, you can turn off the circulating hot air flowing into the drying chamber. Keep the cashew nuts in the cashew nut dryer. It will keep the moisture in the cashew nut kernels to continue to evaporate. So it can achieve the upper and lower cashew kernels are relatively evenly dried.

(The specific drying process is directed by professional cashew nut dryer machine suppliers)

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