How is Cocoa Powder Produced in the Factory?

cocoa powder

Cocoa powder has a strong cocoa aroma and can be used to process chocolate, drinks, ice cream, candy, cakes, and other foods containing cocoa. It takes many processes from cocoa to cocoa powder. Except for cocoa powder machine, what kind of cocoa processing equipment do you need to use in the factory?

Process flow of cocoa powder

Cocoa beans — baking — cooling — peeling — grinding — hydraulic pressing — degreasing — grinding

The production process of cocoa powder factory

  1. First, use the continuous baking and cooling integrated machine to bake cocoa beans, and bake out the rich flavor of cocoa beans.
  2. Use a cocoa peeling machine to remove the skin of roasted cocoa beans.
  3. The peeled cocoa beans enter the colloid mill to make cocoa liquid blocks.
  4. The cocoa liquid block after grinding is refined by hydraulic press.
  5. Use a degreaser to separate cocoa butter from the refined cocoa liquid block to obtain cocoa cake.
  6. Put the cocoa cake into the cocoa bean grinding machine and grind it into cocoa powder.
cocoa powder machine
cocoa powder machine

Equipment required for the production of cocoa powder factory

Continuous baking and cooling integrated machine, cocoa peeling machine, colloid mill, hydraulic press, deoiling machine, cocoa powder machine, etc. In addition, elevators and belt conveyors shall be equipped.


Taizy nuts machinery has absorbed the essence of cocoa powder processing technology in various countries, and combined with the refined process flow, developed solutions in addition to upgrading the cocoa powder processing production line. In addition, Taizy Machinery has also carried out in-depth cooperation with hundreds of companies. The cocoa powder processed by the solution has good quality and high efficiency. At the same time, it can save a lot of manpower. If you need a cocoa power machine, please feel free to contact us.

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