Cashew peeling machine delivered to Sri Lanka

cashew nut peeling machine export to Sri Lanka

The cashew peeling machine has high efficiency and a good peeling effect. Moreover, the machine can peel the cashews without using water to soak the cashews. Its peeling rate can reach more than 98%. The machine can be suitable for commercially peeling cashew nuts and bring economic benefits to customers. Recently, we received a payment for a cashew peeling machine and cashew sheller machine from a Sri Lankan customer.

cashew peeler machine wait to deliver to Sri Lanka
cashew peeler machine wait to deliver to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka cashew peeling machine case details

A customer from Sri Lanka sent us an inquiry for a cashew peeling machine. The customer had previously sold cashew nut raw materials, but the price of cashew raw materials was not as high as that of processed cashews. He began to peel the cashews before selling them. His previous peeling machine had some problems, and the shelling machine adopts manual peeling, which was inefficient. He plans to buy a new cashew peeling machine and automatic cashew peeling machine.

This new cashew peeling machine is similar to his original peeling machine. It uses the pneumatic principle to peel, and the machine is also suitable for peeling peanuts, pine nuts, garlic, and other raw materials. We sent the video of the cashew experiment to the customer and he was very satisfied.

For the cashew nut shelling machine, we provide several capacities for cracking and more cashew nuts one time. Finally, the Sri Lankan customer chose a machine that cracked 6 cashew nuts at a time. Although the voltage of the machine is 220v, we still changed it to 230v suitable for their local voltage.

cashew nut peeling machine
cashew nut peeling machine
cashew peeler machine export to Sri Lanka
cashew peeler machine export to Sri Lanka

How does the cashew kernel peeling machine work?

The working principle of the cashew peeling machine is very simple. The machine has a compact structure and simple operation. It mainly composes an inlet-outlet port, a fan, and a peeling device. The peeling part of the machine is specially designed to prevent the cashew from touching the blade during peeling, ensuring that the cashew will not damage. The peeled cashew nuts discharge from the feed inlet below, while the skins of the cashews are blown out by a fan from behind. It can ensure the integrity and smooth surface of the cashews by using this cashew peeler machine to remove cashew nuts skin.

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