How to Select High-quality Nuts?

cashew nuts

There are many kinds of nuts on the market. If we observe carefully, we will find that some nuts of the same type are slightly darker, and some are lighter. The shape and size are also different. If you like nuts, have you ever wondered what kind of nuts are the best? What are the grades of nuts?

Grades of cashews and almonds

Take almonds and cashews for example. It is often heard from manufacturers that their almonds are selected from the highest Nonpareil level in California, USA, and cashews are selected from the highest level cashews in WW240 in Vietnam. Are they true? What do these ratings mean?

California is the main almond-producing area in the United States, with many different varieties. There are as many as 10 different types, such as Nonpareil (NP), Carmel, and Mission. Among them, Nonpareil has the best quality. Including color, weight, and integrity. It is also called the highest-grade almond in the market.

Cashews produced in Vietnam are another story. It adopts three different standards for grading: color, shape integrity, and size. There are two colors: W and S. W indicates white, and S indicates yellow or yellow biased.

There are many classifications of shape integrity: W represents the whole, B and P both represent fragments, and S represents just two segments (Spilt). The difference between B and P is that B is naturally broken (Buttons), and the particles are also large; P is smaller pieces. Many cashew nut processing plants use a cashew sorting machine to grade cashew nuts.

cashew sorting machine
cashew sorting machine

11 minimum standards for cashew nuts

  1. Complete: There is no big flaw, but slight damage is acceptable.
  2. Sound: If the nuts are not suitable for eating due to decay or deterioration, they must be discarded.
  3. Clean: free from any foreign substances visible to the naked eye, including the shell that has not been removed.
  4. No dehydration: When more than 25% of a nut is shrunk or dehydrated, it must be abandoned.
  5. No defects.
  6. No living pests, no matter at which stage of their life cycle.
  7. No damage is caused by pests, including dead bodies, fragments, or excreta of pests.
  8. There are no visible fungal hyphae.
  9. No corruption.
  10. There is no abnormal smell from the outside.
  11. There is no abnormal internal humidity.

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