How does the pine nut threshing machine work?

pine cone thresher machine

The pine nut threshing machine work to remove pine cones. The working principle is that pine cones are separated in the high-speed rotating rotor and drum, and pine nuts are discharged from sieve holes.

How to pick pine cones

Pine cones grow on the top of trees. So workers use special pine cone harvesters to pick them. When some pick these raw materials, under the trees, are other workers working to remove the worm towers and put good pine cones into bags.

Good pine cones grow in a regular shape and have full nuts. Each pine cone can produce 150 to 200 pine seeds. 5 kilograms of pine cones can produce 1-kilogram pine seeds. Skilled workers will not just pursue speed, but also not grab green and small pine cones. And they will not hurt the trees. Modern people understand that cutting branches will reduce production and destroy pine trees.

The newly picked pine cones are too hard and need to be dried for a few days. When pine cones are dehydrated, they turn from green to brown. Put them into the machine, and pine nuts will come out of pine cones.

After threshing, let pine nuts dry for another 2 to 3 days and store the dried pine nuts in cold storage to keep them fresh. Or put these raw materials into the next processing steps, grading, shelling, and separating.

Lebanese pine cone and nuts
pine cones and pine nuts

How to separate pine cones and pine nuts

When threshing, workers should feed pine cones continuously and evenly. If the feeding amount is too large, it will cause the drum load to be too large, reducing the rotation speed, dropping the net removal rate and productivity, decreasing the quality of threshing. In severe cases, it will block the parking and damage the machine.

If the feeding volume is too small, the productivity is low. And sometimes it will affect the removal rate. The indicators of clean stripping, quick stripping, less breakage, and low energy consumption are actually mutually restrictive. If it is to be cleaned well, the crushing rate will increase, the productivity will also decrease, and the energy consumption will increase.

Operators should concentrate on working. Feel the humidity of crops, feed more dry pine nuts. Observe whether the rotation speed of the drum is normal, and feed less when the output is not smooth. Listen to whether the sound of the pine nut threshing machine is normal, feed it when the load is appropriate.

pine cone thresher machine
pine nut threshing machine work, pine cone thresher

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