How does an almond slicer machine work?

almond slicer machine work

Almond slicer machine has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used to cut peanuts, almonds, and other nut materials into even thin slices. Therefore, it is widely used in bakeries, cake shops, food production plants, and other places. Why is the peanut slicer so popular? How does it work?

Almond slicer machine application

almond slicer machine application
almond slicer machine application

The almond slicer machine imitates the manual cutting nuts. It is widely used in peanuts, almonds, walnut kernels, cashew kernels, and other nuts. And it can adjust the thickness of the slice by adjusting the slicer. In our conversations with customers, we learned that customers use this machine to cut nuts into pieces and apply them to food production. Some customers use this machine to make a large number of almond slices and package them for sale. Some customers use sliced almonds to make cakes. Most customers use almond and peanut flakes for baking.

How does the almond slice cutting machine work?

So how to use an almond slice cutting machine to slice and put into actual production? The operation of the almond slicer machine is very simple. It uses a smart display, so you only need to put the almonds into the machine. The almond slice cutting machine can complete the whole process. It mainly controlled by a cutting blade to control the slicing work. When working, put the almonds into the hopper, and the cylinder will press the nuts to the cutter head for cutting. The already cut almond slices flow out from the outlet.

almond slice cutting machine
almond slice cutting machine

If you want to adjust the thickness of the slice, you can adjust the handle at the compression nut. We will detail the method of adjusting the slice thickness in the machine manual. If you need a nut slicer machine, please continue with us.

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