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Our strength about peanut sheller machine

Post by adminJan-19,2019

   Until now,we have 3 types peanut sheller machine,we continuously improve their inner structures according to the needs of different countries. Last year, we have exported many containers peanut shelling machines in other countries especially in African market.
peanut sheller machine
peanut sheller machine

1.How many days do you need to produce 40HQ container?

peanut sheller machine

This type of peanut shelling machine is a hot sale product in our company and above pictures are the corner of factory. We can produce 40HQ peanut sheller machine within 15 days(50pcs)
its technical parameter is as follow:
Power:gasoline engine
peanut sheller machine
  It is the spare parts of this machine that is durable and can be used for many years.
2.Compared with other suppliers,what is the advantage of your peanut sheller machine?

    To be frank,there are many peanut sheller suppliers,why do you choose us? There are some reasons rooted in it.
    Firstly, roller of our peanut sheller machine is made of rubber that can avoid the damage towards kernels.however,most suppliers use steel rollers,that is why broken rate is high
    Secondly,different countries have different peanuts and their size is also diverse. Our engineers design a proper structures this is suitable for all kinds of peanuts after they visit many local markets,thus,you do not worry whether this machine can be used in your country or not.
    Thirdly,with a specially well-designed draught fan, the wind is moderate and its power is evenly distributed. It effectively separates the seeds from the outer shell and optimizes the seed recovery rate.
    Most important, we provide free spare parts and 24h hour online service during warranty time if there are some problems about machine
peanut sheller machine

3.Which countries have you already exported before?

Our main market is Africa, in recent years,we have sold machines to such countries as  Pakistan, India, Kenya, Gambia, Mozambique ,Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Algeria, Botswana, Congo, SouthAfrica, Tanzania, Uganda, America, Togo, Japan, Australia etc.
All in all,we will provide you competitive price and high quality peanut sheller machine if you want. We never let our customers down and always offer best service whatever you are a small farmer or a dealer.

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