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Application scope of peanut baking machine

Post by adminJan-09,2019

Shuliy Machinery specialized in manufacturing peanuts, cashew nuts, apricot processing equipment: the main equipment are: peanut production line (peanut sheller and peanut screening machine, peanut cleaning machine, straight knife chopper, hob cutter, peanut dry peeling machine, half wet peeling machine, peanut kernel separator, peanut powder machine, frying machine, peanut oil press, de-oiling machine, mixing machine, flavoring machine).Cashew production line (cashew classification, cashew cooking machine, cashew nut sheller (manual, semi-automatic, automatic), cashew nut dryer, cashew nut peeling machine, cashew kernel classifier, with lifter, conveyor equipped). Apricot kernel and walnut processing machine (household apricot crusher, single-stage apricot kernel huller, shell kernel separator, three-level apricot kernel sheller, hoist, green walnut peeling and cleaning all-in-one machine, walnut  shelling machine).  
Nut roasting machine (multi-purpose peanut roaster, horizontal rotary toaster oven, spiced peanut cooker + cage, hot-blast stove, rotary oven, mesh belt dryer, louvered roaster oven, sesame roaster oven)
peanut roaster machine
The new efficient energy-saving electric peanut roaster machine is invented and developed based on our years of manufacturing experience, comparison to similar products around the world, and combination of advantages of peanut roaster machine, with products it baked of authentic taste. It is energy saving, safe, convenient, hygienic, rapid temperature raising, and is of stable performance, low power consumption, low running cost, long service life and simple operation and maintenance, and its baking quality all reaches the food hygiene standard and the food and product standards. 
Application scope and working principle of peanut roaster machine
Peanut roaster machine is mainly used in food processing industry including beans and nuts (such as Peanut, rice, melon seeds, almond, Chinese chestnut and broad bean) for drying and baking.
Peanut roaster machine is powered by electric heating, adopting the principle of rotary roasting, heat conduction and heat radiation, and is equipped with automatic temperature control device, with hot air as the drying medium to apply thermal energy on the targeted object. During the baking process, the baked object is constantly propelled forward by the propulsion device in the roaster cage, thus realizing an uninterrupted thermal circulation making material be coasted evenly and ensuring the baking quality effectively.

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