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Peanut shelling machine operation

Post by adminDec-07,2018

1. The requirements of the operator; the operator must be trained in the corresponding technology and have the level of operation and use of the equipment in order to carry out the work. You should also be familiar with the machine instruction manual before working.

2. Machine preparation; peanut shelling machine should choose a solid ground or machine room on the ground, and fix the sheller on the concrete foundation with expansion bolts or foot bolts. Also meet the requirements of the machine for power supply. Check the moving parts of the machine. Whether to maintain good lubrication.

3. Trial operation; when it is determined that the machine is in normal state, it can be tested. According to the working speed and a certain amount of trial stripping. Test various technical data, according to the test results, adjust the machine to meet the technical requirements. , you can start the operation.

4. Storage; after the end of the operation period, the inside and outside of the machine should be removed in time, and the support of each moving part should be preserved after adding butter.

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