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Peanut roaster machine features

Post by adminDec-04,2018

Peanut equipment--Peanut roaster machine has beautiful shape, reasonable structure, hygienic, non-polluting, continuously adjustable temperature, high thermal efficiency and energy saving. The baked food has the characteristics of low fat, low cholesterol in baking oven, and more edible. health. The structure of the whole machine is safe and reasonable. The thermal insulation layer is provided, and the baking furnace improves the thermal efficiency, which is convenient for use and convenient for cleaning.
Peanut roaster machine
Peanut roaster machine has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, erosion resistance, fuel consumption, high heat efficiency, convenient movement, easy maintenance, wide application, etc. The heating temperature is fast and average, and the color and taste of the baked food are well received. The baking oven has a simple structure, convenient use, convenient cleaning, and is suitable for baking at various temperatures and at different times, and whether there is foreign matter on the baking belt and the conveyor belt. Use a non-toxic rubber hose with an inner diameter of 25 mm or a non-toxic plastic tube to reliably connect the inlet nozzle to the water pipe. Use a plastic hose to connect the overflow to the drain separately to drain the water into the drain or sewer.

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