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Application of peanut shelling machine and peanut roaster machine

Post by adminNov-30,2018

Peanut machinery is an important part of agricultural modernization and an important guarantee for the sustained and rapid development of agriculture and rural economy. In recent years, the total amount of peanut machinery and equipment has been steadily increasing, the level of operation has been further improved, and the scale of socialized services has continued to expand, although the current peanut stripping The mechanization level of the shell is relatively high, but it is mostly used in economically developed areas, and there are many small machinery, large machinery, low-grade machinery and low-performance machinery. In some areas, peanut kernels used for seed and special purposes still use traditional manual shelling, with low labor productivity and uneven regional development.
With the continuous development of the peanut planting industry, the demand for peanut deep-processing products has been increasing all over the world, and it has become inevitable to improve the level of mechanization of peanut shelling. The peanut shelling machine plays a positive role in improving labor productivity and reducing labor intensity, and promotes the scientific and technological progress of the peanut processing industry, providing space for the development of peanut shelling machinery.
Peanut roaster machine4
 The peanut roaster machine has a beautiful shape, a reasonable structure, sanitary, non-polluting, continuously adjustable temperature, high thermal efficiency, and energy saving. The baked food has the characteristics of low fat, low cholesterol in the baking oven, and is healthier to eat. The structure of the whole machine is safe and reasonable. The thermal insulation layer is provided, and the baking furnace improves the thermal efficiency, which is convenient for use and convenient for cleaning.
    Peanut roaster machine has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, erosion resistance, fuel consumption, high heat efficiency, convenient movement, easy maintenance, wide application, etc. The heating temperature is fast and average, and the color and taste of the baked food are well received. The baking oven has a simple structure, convenient use, convenient cleaning, and is suitable for baking at various temperatures and at different times.

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