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Hot pressing and cold pressing of rapeseed oil press machine

Post by adminNov-28,2018

The oilseed rapeseed oil press machine mainly consists of hot press and cold press. The market share of hot press is much higher than that of cold press. The choice of hot press and cold press is mainly based on the living habits of local people. There is a big difference between the process and the refined oil. What are the advantages of the hot press in the rapeseed oil press machine?
The hot press of the rapeseed oil press machine is that the oil is pressed after the seeds are fried. The pressing method is that the oil can be squeezed at one time, and the oil cake is almost free of oil.
Oil press machine1
The rapeseed oil press machine adopts hot pressing, the smell is special, the color is deep, and the output is high. The residue remaining in the product is small and easy to store. The cold-pressed seeds are not fried, so the smell is poor, but the color is good. There is no solvent residue after hot pressing. Hot pressing: First, the raw materials should be hot-fried in the pot, and then pressed through the oil press machineing machine. The advantage of this process is that the oily oil has a high oil yield and the remaining residual oil is low.
Cold pressing has become the main pressing process of the oil mill, and more and more people like cold pressed oil. Cold pressing does not require frying seeds. Directly press the oil. In particular, some good oils must be cold pressed. For example, coconut oil, olive oil, peony seed oil, safflower seed oil, and the like. Common oils can also be cold pressed. For example, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, flax oil, oil sunflower oil, and the like. The cold pressing effect is very good, because the pressed oil is the standard original flavor, because the fried seeds are not passed before the pressing, so the internal cell structure of the oil is not destroyed by the high temperature treatment, but since there is no fried seeds, it is needed. Pressing twice can be completely squeezed. So how does the cold press operate? The cold press is often an all-in-one machine, which generally includes a three-piece set of circulating feeder, oil press machine, and oil filter. The circulating feeder is mainly to lift the pressed cake once and directly into the inside of the hopper to avoid manual feeding. The oil filter is mainly used to filter the oil. After filtering, the oil is clearer and cleaner.
When the cold press is cold-pressed, because it is cold-pressed, water needs to be added to the oil. Otherwise, the oil will dry up, causing the inside of the press to die. Therefore, it is necessary to add water. As for the amount of water added, this depends on the humidity of the oil. Under normal circumstances, let the oil look at the water is sufficient. After adding the water, let the oil simmer for a while, at the beginning of the press, the water will be evaporated when pressed, and will not affect the quality of the edible oil. For some oil press machinees, some cakes can be added to increase the friction and increase the oil yield.
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