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Principle process of peanut oil press machine

Post by adminNov-26,2018

Peanut oil press machine automatic control system includes: temperature control instrument, circuit automatic protection assembly, heater, squeeze screw and press bar, body assembly, etc. It can be automated, hot and cold.
The working principle of the peanut oil press: the motor is transmitted to the main shaft after deceleration, and the snail loaded on the main shaft rotates forward, and the oil between the threads is continuously pushed forward. As the space between the squeezing and the squeezing screw is gradually reduced, The density of the oil increases and the pressure gradually increases. During the pressing process, due to the automatic heat of the machine, the temperature of the main body of the machine is increased by the automatic temperature control device, thereby reducing the labor intensity, the wear of the oil press, energy saving and environmental protection, between the oil particles, between the oil and the parts. Friction occurs and heat is generated. This constitutes the two major elements of the pressure and heat of the oil pressing process, destroying the tissue cells of the oil, the oil overflows from the oil line, and the cake is pushed out from the cake head and the cake. When the spilled oil flows through the oil pan into the oil filter drum, the vacuum pump draws the air out of the drum. A negative pressure is formed in the barrel, and the oil passes through the filter cloth and is drawn into the barrel, and the oil residue is isolated on the filter cloth, and the pure oil is obtained.
Peanut oil press machine hot pressing process: through the selection of clear silt stones and metal materials; in order to ensure or improve the oil yield, shelled oils such as peanuts, tea seeds, etc., need to be shelled or crushed Oil extraction; the quality of oilseed fried seeds is the key factor affecting the oil yield. By frying the seeds, the water and the temperature of the oil are adjusted. Before the oil is pressed into the press, the pressing must be ensured to reach the temperature suitable for the oil press. To ensure the normal oil output of the oil, the thickness of the cake is adjusted to increase the thickness of the cake, and the cake and oil are normal.
Cold pressing process: squeezed with nails, there is a sound, when divided into two petals with oil extrusion, the water is suitable. If the ingredients are too dry, the cake is too wet, the key is to master the moisture.

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