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Peanut cutting machine

Post by adminJul,20 2018

Product Detail

The peanut cutting machine absorbs the advantages of the similar products and combines the characteristics of the oil-bearing materials such as peanuts and soybeans. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient use, high yield, one powder and no greasy. It is the ideal choice for the food processing industry to cut the powder of the material.

Working principle:
The peanut cutting machine through the lifting equipment (or manual) into the hopper after the lifting equipment (or manual), through the conveyor belt into the first stage of the hob for rough cutting, and then through vibration screening to enter the two stage hob finely cut, and finally the vibration screen to separate the particle level out of the outlet. Users can adjust the clearance of hob to meet the required particles as required.
Peanut cutting machine
Peanut cutting machine

Peanut,almond,nuts etc.
Peanut cutting machine
Peanut cutting machine

Parameter of the peanut cutting machine:

Model TZ-GD
Capacity 200-400kg/h
Grain size ≤2mm
Weight 410kg

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