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Peanut shelling machine

Post by adminJul,20 2018

Product Detail

The peanut shelling machine is composed of automatic feeding, frame, fan, rotor, single phase motor, screen net (two kinds), hopper, vibrating screen, triangle belt wheel and transmission triangle belt.

Working principle:
After the normal operation of the peanut shelling machine, the peanuts were put into the hopper in a quantitative, uniform and continuous way. The peanut husk was separated under the action of the rubbing force between the plate rotation and the fixed bar concave plate. Peanuts and some of the peanuts, which have not been stripped, fall into the gravity separation sieve together under the rotating wind pressure of the rotor. After a heavy screening, the peanut kernel is moved from the separation screen to the sack, and the peanut which has not been stripped is down from the sieve surface to the hoist through the outlet and then the lifting machine into the fine grain. The gate is stripped for two times and then screened by gravity screening.
Peanut shelling machine
Peanut shelling machine

1. the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the electricity consumption is low, the noise is small.
2. low crushing rate, clean separation, good color and less impurities.
Peanut shelling machine
Peanut shelling machine
Peanut shelling machine

Parameter of peanut shelling machine:
Model TZ-400B TZ-800C TZ-1500C TZ-3000D TZ-3000C
Capacity 400kg/h 800kg/h 1500kg/h 3000kg/h 3000kg/h
Breakage rate 5% 2% 2% 1% 2%
Power 2.2kw 4.0kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 11kw
Weight 137kg 330kg 700kg 1080kg 850kg
Size 1200*660*1240 1520*1060*1660 1960*1250*2170 2540*1360*3000 2150*1560*2250

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