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Peanut butter making machine

Post by adminJul,17 2018

Product Detail

Machine function
Peanut butter making machine applies to pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries, such as aloe vera, pollen, pineapple, sesame, fruit tea, ice cream, moon cake stuffing, butter, jam, fruit juice, soybeans, soybean
paste, red bean, peanut milk, proteit milk, soy milk, dairy products and so on.

Working principle
This peanut butter making machine when works is through different shapes of stator and rotor, the stator and rotor will relative motion at the high speed rolling, when the materials will be grinded at the self-possessed, air-weight, and centrifugal force, when adjusts the gap of the stator, the materials will bear powerful shearing force, friction force, impact force and high-frequency vibration, the material will be crushed and grinded and mixed well, then can get the ideal products.  
Peanut butter making machine1 Peanut butter making machine2 Peanut butter making machine3 Peanut butter making machine4 

Structure and performance
1. This peanut butter making machine main spare part is used for 304 stainless steel, The grinding chamber has three grinding distracts: first class--coarse grinding, second class—fine grinding, third class---- micro grinding, can adjust the gaps between the stator and rotor to get the ideal products. (Can recycle the materials)

1. This machine main spare part is used for 304 stainless steel.
2. The main parts stator and rotor, using special machining and heat treatment process, high precision, long service life.
3. The working gaps can be adjusted, and match the dial scale, easy to control, can make sure the quality of the products.
4. The machine has cooling system, which can keep the character of the materials.
5. The machine is adopt standard motor, it is very safe.
6. The peanut butter making machine is well designed, stability performance, simple operation, and easy maintained.
Peanut butter making machine5 Peanut butter making machine6 Peanut butter making machine7

Details parameters
Model SL-50 SL-85 SL-130 SL-150 SL-180 SL-210
Fineness 20-70um 20-70um 20-70um 20-70um 20-70um 20-70um
Power 1.5kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 15kw 22kw 30kw
capacity 0.2-0.8t/h 0.2-2t/h 0.2-4t/h 2-6t/h 2-8t/h 2-10t/h
Speed 3000r/min 3000r/min 3000r/min 3000r/min 3000r/min 3000r/min
Weight 60kg 180kg 240kg 300kg 550kg 580kg

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