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The quality of the peanut roaster machine

Post by adminNov-07,2018

      1: Optional: electric heating, gas heating, coal heating and other methods.
      2: The oven has high productivity, low breaking rate of baked food, uniform color and no pollution.
      3: Realize automatic electronic equipment, one person operation, simple and fast.
      4: Internal product description: The peanut roaster machine is based on years of production experience, and has been improved compared with similar products. It has the characteristics of fast body temperature, stable combustion, and difficult to temper. It has high safety and the machine is liquefied. Gas, cooking oil, natural gas, etc. are the principle of fuel, heat conduction and heat radiation. The hot air is used as a medium to uniformly apply thermal energy to the object to be baked. During the baking process, the contents of the cage are continuously rotated to make it more evenly heated. Better guarantee the quality of baking.
The machine is equipped with a temperature controller, and the user can freely select the corresponding temperature according to the baked goods.
The machine also has a time controller, the user can adjust the time according to the characteristics of the product, and automatically alarm when the items are baked, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.
Structural adjustment, faster heating and baking, higher insulation performance

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