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Peanut Butter Production Line in India

Post by adminNov-05,2018

Peanut butter market analysis and prediction: peanut butter contains 8 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, which has effects on preventing blood lipids, anemia, hemorrhage, tuberculosis, hemoptysis, white hair, diabetes, etc., and because the peanut full-price protein content is 8 times that of milk, Beef and pork are 1-2 times, and the body absorption rate is over 90%. Peanut butter products are popular foods. They have good sauce and are very suitable for seasoning. The peanut protein content is high, and it is rich in multi-vitamins. It has anti-aging effect. Peanut butter is ready to eat and is suitable for modern life. need. Compared with the common peanut edible method, it is more nutritious, healthy and extensive, and is favored by customers and has a broad market prospect.
Peanut butter making machine
Peanut butter is rich in various nutrients. It is not only high in protein content, but also delicious in taste. It is also a low-carbohydrate food with high nutritional value and therapeutic effect. Although there is a history of producing and eating peanut butter in China, the production equipment and technology are backward. In the process of production and circulation of peanut butter, denatured protein and starch fiber are easy to precipitate, which is not only difficult to use, but also easy to oxidize and oxidize and deteriorate. Production and circulation of peanut butter. As people's living standards improve and the pace of life accelerates, more convenient foods need to be used. Peanut butter is an ideal food. Peanut butter can be used in bread and pastry applications, and salt and other seasonings can be added as fast food. After the peanut butter is bottled, it can be eaten by opening the bottle when it is eaten. It is suitable for people of different ages.
Peanut Butter Production Line Process: Baking---peeling----selecting---grinding---stirring----degassing----cooling---filling
The main equipments include peanut baking oven, dry peeling machine, food sorting belt, automatic feeding machine, grinding machine, vacuum degassing tank, cooling machine, filling machine, etc. It is characterized by flowing water, high degree of mechanization and reliability. Good sex, fully enclosed production, no pollution. The peanut butter produced meets export standards. The specific process and output can be customized according to customer requirements.

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