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Peanut shelling machine use attention points

Post by adminNov-03,2018

With the wide application of peanut machinery and the continuous development of the market, the application of peanut shelling machine has also been widely used. However, because many users do not have a good grasp of the correct use of the machine, the machine has problems after a period of use, or the performance of the machine itself has not been played. Indirectly, it has caused the decline of mechanical efficiency and seriously affected the economic and social benefits of enterprises. Therefore, the correct use of peanut shelling machine is what we must master, and the key points of attention when using peanut sheller:
Peanut shelling machine
    1. We must thoroughly inspect the various solid parts of the machine before use, including whether it is flexible in the rotating part, and whether there is enough lubricating oil in each bearing. We also need to place the machine smoothly. on the ground.
    2, we should also check the switch of the power supply before using it.
    3. After the mechanical start, the steering of the mechanical rotor should be consistent with the opposite direction of the machine. We can test it first and see if it is normal.
    4, in the operation should be evenly and properly fed peanuts, avoid the presence of iron filings and stones and other debris.
    5. After the machine has been used for a period of time, we must thoroughly clean it and clean the surface of the dirt before it is stopped, including the cleaning of the remaining particles in the machine. The machinery must be stored in a relatively dry place to avoid exposure to the sun. And we must remember that the belt should be removed for safekeeping.

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